Mark’s Story – Our Journey


On the 24th May 2013, at approximately 4.30pm, Mark’s life would change forever. Not a planned change, or a change he would have considered, as he embarked on his bike ride from the Mt Ruapehu carpark to Ohakune township, as part of an Aspec team building event.

Mark had a serious accident that has left him paralysed from the chest down. Both Mark and Erica, Mark’s wife, have faced many hurdles and challenges over the last 12 months as they come to terms with Mark’s disability.

But, this is not a sad story. Mark’s Story is to be one that will ultimately be a celebration. One that will show the strength and courage of a young family as they work towards living a loving life shared with Jack, their 2-year-old son. A celebration shared with friends, family and work mates.

As part of this celebration we are looking at helping Mark, Erica and Jack build a new family home that allows Mark to play an active role as a husband and father.


We have contacted many of the companies that Mark and Aspec have had a long association with and are asking you and your staff, if possible, to be part of Mark’s Story and Our Journey. If you could help with: Materials / Labour / Donations… your support would be greatly appreciated.

Any materials that go into the build.

Tradespersons / general labouring / handy on the BBQ / catering / cleaning.

We have established a link from our website to an ANZ Bank account. All monies donated will be used solely for materials and labour associated with the building of Mark’s house.

All offers of support can be emailed to and we will contact you to discuss.

If you wish to discuss further, any aspect of what we are trying to achieve and how you can be involved, then please do not hesitate to call me.

IAN DOYLE P: 021 908 652

Thank you for considering being part of Mark’s Story and Our Journey.