Careers in Construction with Aspec

What makes Aspec Construction one of the most successful construction companies in New Zealand?

It’s the people.

At Aspec, we recognise that our people and their skills are the foundation of our business. We’re not only building careers for our people, we’re building their futures – and we value the contributions they make to our company. Aspec employees carry forth our traditions, values and long-standing reputation for performance.

Employee Development

Aspec Construction strongly believes in the ongoing development of our most valuable asset – our employees. We provide ongoing training with a number of training providers covering management and professional skills training, technology skills training and personal development.

Cadet Schemes – Construction Management and Quantity Surveyors

Aspec Construction takes an active involvement in industry training and employ cadets from polytechnics and universities. We employ and train construction management and quantity surveying cadets and provide them with professional development to supplement their tertiary education. They are an important part of the industry’s future.


At Aspec Construction we have a commitment to training a new generation of carpenters in the skills required to learn their trade. We have a very active Apprenticeship Scheme within our company where apprentices can learn “on the job”, being mentored by seasoned hands and in conjunction with the BCITO.

If you are interested in a career with Aspec Construction please contact us.

“Aspec’s construction team at all times showed professionalism and courtesy to the client, operator, and members of the public. This attitude ensured that a high quality facility was delivered with minimum disruption under very difficult conditions.

All parties involved in the design, planning, construction, and operation of the new ferry terminals are rightly proud of the outcome.”

Project Manager
Downtown Ferry Terminals Project